48 Whole Powdered Eggs Pouch


Searching for the best value to secure a nutrient-dense, 2,000-calorie/day future for yourself and your loved ones? The most versatile and cost-effective choice is powdered eggs. Considered to be the perfect protein because they are low in fat and calories at just 80 calories per serving, powdered eggs will add variety and bulk to usually carbohydrate-dense dehydrated breakfast meals, making breakfast healthier and heartier.

Save precious space for long shelf life food supplies with Legacy Essentials bulk foods and powder drinks. Legacy powdered eggs come packages in resealable Mylar pouches complete with oxygen absorber and a nitrogen flush. All Legacy bulk items—including this powdered egg pack that will feed one person breakfast every day for six weeks—foods, and powder drinks boast a  shelf life of up to 10-15 long years. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll be ready for anything as it comes along.



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