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Legacy’s Bobcat Emergency Multi-Fuel Cook Stove is an essential addition to any disaster-preparedness or camping supply kit. Having this durable, lightweight, easy-to-use piece on hand means that prepping a meal without power can be just as fun as it is necessary. You’ll be able to cook a great meal anywhere, anytime!

With a simple set-up that is complete in less than a minute, a collapsible design that folds down flat to fit in tight spaces like backpacks, storage closets, or emergency kits, and aluminum materials that make it just as tough as it is lightweight, this cook stove is perfect for taking along with you wherever you go, whether it’s an emergency evacuation, outdoor trip, or alternative home cooking solution.

Simply place your fuel inside the stove, light it, position your pan on the rack, and get cooking! With a large capacity for multiple fuel sources—including up to 3 ThermaFuel cans—you won’t be disappointed by this incredible, functional, portable cook stove. Get yours today and gain a fundamental addition to any outdoor or emergency survival kit.

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    Great Little Stove

    This is a simple 5-panel assembly allowing for a low profile / flat pack stove. All the side & bottom panels unsnap but 4 sides are held together by the top cooking grid. They all fold together when breaking-down.

    The bottom panel (base) is perforated with 30 holes arranged in a circle with a center hole (about 1/2”+/-) larger to allow for airflow and the heat draws the oxygen up through the bottom and out the top creating a draft much like a chimney. This base panel is the only item that is unattached from the side panel or top. Three side panels have no holes (for air circulation) in them they are slotted at the bottom which is the way they are attached to the base. The 4th panel is bent (to allow for folding the grill up) and has the name, “Legacy” which opens up to allow for additional fuel, it also doesn’t have any hole. The top has a 6 small wire type platform to rest you cooking pot on. This is also the top edge of all the side-panels that fold up into a compact item, put the bottom panel with in this fold and its compact with a wide elastic band to hold everything together.

    Assembled it is 6 1/4” square and from base to grill area is 4”. I don’t have a weight scale so can’t comment on that. And folds up to an 1” to 1 1/4” and a 2” elastic band comes with it to keep everything together.

    Fueled entirely by organic matter (twigs, bark, pine needles, etc.), this stick stove stove will keep you going indefinitely. That extra weight of fuel canisters is now gone.

    Building a fire. You want to put the kindling on the bottom and then put twigs on top of the kindling or fire-starting material. Carry a few Trioxide bars in case you encounter wet wood, rain or extreme winds. Carry Survival Matches or other fire starting materials, but also some cheap lighters, if necessary, break one and pour over wet wood.

    It seems like small gauge tin and NOT stainless steel. It could after time of use possible burn through the bottom and or warp the side panels, all depends how hot you get it. BUT, it did come with cans of ThermoFuel (High-Temp Cooking Fuel)with 2.5hrs burning time, but that is extra weight a 9.5oz ea.

    It doesn’t come with a bag (that you could use to collect twigs) and the corners could after time rub through a nylon bag, as Canvass bag would do better, maybe a waxed canvass, all depends on your hunting area.

    October 26, 2019

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