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Precious Metals and Death of the Dollar

Precious Metals

The government is going to give $1200 to just about every US citizen. However what is that $1200 worth? Well at the current rate the government prints money it isn’t worth anything. Here’s how I plan to use my money if and when it should arrive. First I plan to restock essential supplies, like food storage, water storage, medical supplies and whatever else we may need to take care of the family. Then I plan to buy some precious metals, gold, and silver will still have value when the dollar takes a dive and isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

I began purchasing precious metals like gold and silver a few years ago although I have some gold coins I like silver because I can get it in coins, rounds, bars, and also what is known as junk silver pre-1964 coins. When I first began buying precious metals on June 11, 2002 gold was $317 I purchased about $2000 for around 6 one-ounce gold coins I have purchased more over the years but that first purchase in now worth just under $10,000 not bad for a $2000 investment. During this time I also bought $1500 American Silver Eagle coins today that initial $1500 is worth $3700.

Precious Metals

As I write this gold is above $1600 and silver around $15 and will most likely go higher in the next few months. The dollar is dying and precious metals are the cure. Precious metals are my hedge against the future economic collapse

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